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Our mission is to design for your landscaping a stimulating living space that will enhance your identity. Our goal is to improve the quality of your garden space for enhancing the impact on the community. Our common challenge is to optimize the use of resources, by minimizing the ecological footprint.

Stone Edge Landscapers are certified contractors offering high quality landscaping services, which combine creativity & functionality to create unique gardens & outdoor spaces. We only deliver a premium finish, a natural life cycle including the long-term development of plants.

Stéphane Falardeau
President & Founder

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Natural Stone, Unistone & Outdoor Spa Creations

Rock gardens to retaining walls, water gardens, outdoor kitchen creations & more, our landscaping artists will make your dreams become a reality.
As decorative stone pavers, we use natural stone and flagstone to create beautiful landscapes, stone pathways and patios for you to enjoy.
Installation of paving stone, interlocking stone, uni pave or uni-stone for driveways, garage entrances, pool decks, pathways, backyard terraces & patios.
Our garden designers create ultimate outdoor spa landscapes and saunas using materials that mostly mother nature created.

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